Unknown Group is a full-service creative marketing agency that works collaboratively across different digital departments.

Based in Wollongong, our agency works with like-minded people across the world, striving to deliver valuable results to each client.

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all your digital needs. Whether you’re working with our graphic design team for logo and brand identity or collaborating with our web developers and content professionals, we ensure every aspect of your online presence is polished and optimised for success.

Our team is dedicated to making your brand not just visible, but impactful.

We customise each package to fit your business’s current capacity, considering both short and long-term growth. By collaborating closely with you, we utilise the digital space to effectively showcase your brand, product, or service.

We begin all projects with a free initial consultation. Working closely with you, we harness the power of digital platforms, using them as a stage to announce you, your brand, and your product or service.

Unknown Group - About Us

The faces behind Unknown Group

Vivienne Phillips

Lee Taylor

Brock Bickett

Caitlin De Santis

Lainey Taylor

Buggy Samurdha

Emma Fernandez

Grace Masterson

Amoni Liddell

Alex Fisher