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Farmer and the Owl

Wollongong's local record label

Farmer & The Owl is a record label based and music publisher in Wollongong, originally established with the intention to help the wealth of talent from the local area and release their music to a wider audience.

Farmer & The Owl has since grown into a full label operation, with global partner BMG coming on board in late 2019 to assist in taking their artists to an international market. They also run a publishing company called FO PAS also in partnership with BMG. They have also previously alongside their artists curated the Farmer & The Owl Festival that has hosted artists such as Hot Chip, Beach House, Snail Mail & many more.

Website Design & Development

Building the website for Farmer & The Owl, a record label with a passion for music and a commitment to showcasing their artists, was an journey in creativity and functionality. We designed a platform that integrates the label’s releases, news and videos from their artists, ensuring visitors are always immersed in the latest. With a keen focus on user experience, we integrated e-commerce that enables music enthusiasts to easily purchase records from their favourite artists. Our collaboration with Farmer & The Owl resulted in a dynamic online space that reflects the label’s vibrant energy and dedication to the local music community.