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3 levels dedicated to a unique food & drink culture

Wollongong’s rooftop bar and kitchen Humber is a unique 3 level property, featuring a rooftop bar, cocktail lounge and ground floor eatery. Out in the fresh air, our rooftop bar & terrace in Wollongong is the perfect inner-city escape. Warm lighting helps set the mood among the palms. The rooftop is the spot to enjoy a cocktail under the night sky or watch the sunset.

The middle level of Humber houses a glamorous and inviting cocktail bar & lounge that will enhance your nightlife in Wollongong. Vibrant colours give the space character, partnered with art deco sophisticated by the way of a huge brass bar and chandelier. It’s the perfect space to get cozy whilst enjoying our seasonal cocktail menu and tapas plates.

Website Design & Development

The new Humber website is a vibrant digital showcase that truly embodies the essence of their brand and bar. Drawing inspiration from their lively atmosphere and eclectic vibe, the website bursts with colour and energy, capturing the spirit of Humber Bar’s unique identity. A dedicated section highlights their events, offering visitors a glimpse into the exciting lineup of weekly specials, bottomless brunches and special events. With its intuitive navigation and engaging visuals, the new website serves as an inviting virtual gateway, inviting patrons to explore, indulge, and become a part of the Humber experience.

Paid Advertising

Through targeted paid advertising campaigns, we’ve effectively showcased Humber’s atmosphere and offerings to a wider audience, ensuring that potential customers are enticed to experience the venue firsthand. Our strategies are designed to enhance brand recognition, increase foot traffic, and ultimately, boost revenue.

Our experienced marketing team thoroughly understands the intricacies of the hospitality industry, and we have crafted campaigns that ensure Humber stands out amongst other venues.

Social Media Management

Enhancing Humber’s online presence is our top priority. As Wollongong’s premier destination, our social media team focuses on highlighting the venue’s unique features, engaging with the local community and driving foot traffic to the venue.

Through strategic content creation, we showcase Humber’s vibrant atmosphere, menu offerings, and exciting events, while leveraging various social media platforms to reach a wider audience. Our content creation extends from both professional photography and videography to hands-on organic content at the venue, including photos, engaging reels and fun social media stories of the staff and attendees.

Graphic Design & Animation

Our graphic design services for Humber Bar were inspired by a vibrant blend of retro aesthetics and coastal hues. Embracing a colour palette reminiscent of the 70s era, our designs show warmth and personality, infusing the brand with a playful and inviting charm. By incorporating bold, eye-catching graphics and dynamic typography, we captured the essence of Humber Bar’s vibrant atmosphere, enticing patrons with promises of lively experiences and memorable moments. Each design element was thoughtfully curated to resonate with the target audience, ensuring that every interaction with the brand conveyed a sense of excitement and anticipation. Our approach visually enhanced Humber’s brand identity and is cohesively used across printed collateral, social media and website.

Videography & Photography

Capturing the essence of Humber’s unique atmosphere is at the heart of our photography and videography services. As a premier destination in Wollongong, Humber offers a stunning rooftop bar, a stylish cocktail lounge, and a vibrant outdoor laneway. Our goal is to showcase these features through captivating visuals that inspire and engage.

Our team of skilled photographers and videographers works closely with Humber to create stunning imagery that highlights the venue’s signature elements. From showcasing the delicious cocktails and menu offerings to capturing the ambience of live events, we ensure that every moment is beautifully preserved.