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Unknown Records

Wollongong’s favoured fathers of rave facilitation

Unknown Records, is an Australian based electronic music label and club commanding collective of artists and friends founded in 2013.

Gaining a formidable reputation as Wollongong’s favoured fathers of rave facilitation, they’ve been awarded many accolades over a half century worth of releases, including ‘2017 Record Label of the Year’ as per the influential Symphonic Distribution, countless club events and national label tours.

Website Design & Development

We designed a sleek and immersive platform for Unknown Records that showcases the new music releases, allowing fans to stay updated with the latest tracks and artists under the label’s banner. A dedicated section highlights new releases with streaming integration, offering a comprehensive overview of the label’s evolving roster and sound. To capture the electrifying energy of their live shows, we incorporated a dynamic photo gallery, featuring captivating images from events that bring the Unknown Records experience to life. With its seamless navigation and engaging multimedia content, the website serves as a digital interactive experience for dance enthusiasts, fostering a deeper connection between the label, its artists, and fans alike.

Paid Advertising

With a deep understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape, we craft tailored strategies to promote Unknown Records’ artists and releases across various platforms.

Our paid ads for Unknown Records are designed to maximise reach, engagement, and conversions. We leverage multiple platforms to target specific audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviours. By utilising advanced targeting techniques, we ensure that the ads reach the right audience, increasing the likelihood of converting them into fans or customers.

We continuously analyse the performance of our campaigns, making data-driven optimisations to improve results over time to ultimately achieve measurable results and maximise ROI.

Graphic Design & Animation

Our graphic design services for Unknown Records are a fusion of creativity and innovation, breathing life into each record release with captivating visuals and animations. With each new release, we create bespoke graphics from concept through to completion, that captures the essence and energy of the music. From album covers to promotional materials, we ensure that every aspect of the design reflects the unique identity of the artist and the sound they bring to the table. Additionally, our motion designs add an extra layer of dynamism, drawing viewers into the world of Unknown Records with mesmerising graphics for each release. With our dedicated approach to visual storytelling, we play an integral role in shaping the brand identity of Unknown Records and elevating the impact of their music on audiences.