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WHK Commercial Property

A full range of commercial real estate services to the Illawarra region.

WHK Commercial Property services range from sales & leasing, to comprehensive property management. Backed by their commitment to providing a complete suite of services in the commercial property space makes WHK an excellent choice for clients at all levels. Whatever your background or experience in commercial property, and whatever your specific requirement, their versatile and dedicated team of commercial property experts will facilitate a successful outcome.

Paid Advertising

We have been able to assist WHK Commercial Property with paid online advertising and digital campaigns, driving further traffic and increasing brand awareness. Getting to know the team throughout photo & video shoots for our content creation has also allowed us to build a stronger relationship.

Branding & Identity

Being one of our longest clients, we have helped WHK discover their identity and branding whilst bringing their online presence to life. We embarked on a full scale branding development, from logo conception to developing a full brand kit. The rebrand adds a new emblem as part of the brand identity. It gives the company a new unique brand-mark that customers can engage with, creating a hallmark of what the brand represents.

Graphic Design & Animation

We used the brand system we created for WHK Commercial Property in delivering our graphic design services, ensuring a unified and impactful visual presence across all collateral. From eye-catching signage and signboards to print materials and engaging social media graphics, the cohesive application across various platforms not only solidified WHK’s market presence but also amplified brand awareness and recognition. Potential clients encountered a consistent and professional brand experience, whether in-person through physical signage or digitally via social media, enhancing WHK’s visibility and presence in the commercial property market.