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Cattleman’s Brewing Co

From country to coast, the beer with the most

NRL stars Josh and Brett Morris and Trent Hodkinson, along with a group of friends have developed Cattleman’s Brewing Co.

The group, formed from a punters club, have long discussed the idea of making their own beer and wanted to create a traditional beer that looks, smells and tastes like an old school beer. They also wanted to go mid-strength as they like having a beer that doesn’t punish the body the day after.

Paid Advertising

Cattleman’s Brewing Co initially gained traction through the organic reach of the football player behind the brand. However, as initial hype diminished and regular sales slowed, especially during the COVID era, we devised marketing strategies to reach new audiences, educate them about the beer, and facilitate home delivery. This approach not only boosted sales but also expanded their email database through innovative lead-generation initiatives.

Graphic Design & Animation

Our graphic design work for Cattleman’s Brewing Co was a blend of tradition and innovation, mirroring the essence of their brand. Drawing inspiration from the rugged landscape of the cattleman’s lifestyle, we crafted designs that celebrated the spirit of the country while infusing modern elements to appeal to contemporary audiences. From the logo design to packaging and marketing materials, every aspect was curated to evoke a sense of authenticity and craftsmanship. Bold typography, rustic textures, and earthy colour palettes were used to convey the brewery’s commitment to quality and tradition. Through our graphic design services across multiple platforms, we helped Cattleman’s Brewing Co establish a strong visual identity that resonated with beer enthusiasts and reflected the rich heritage of their craft.

Videography & Photography

Videography and photography services played a pivotal role in showing the essence of Cattleman’s Brewing Co, offering a visual narrative that resonated deeply with both our target audience and venue owners. Through crafted imagery and compelling videography, we captured the unique spirit of the brand and its products, showcasing the dedication to quality and craftsmanship. By integrating these visual elements into every campaign, we effectively engaged our target demographics while simultaneously enticing venue owners to stock our offerings. This strategic utilisation of content across various platforms, from promotional paid advertising to social media channels, ensured widespread visibility and heightened brand recognition for Cattleman’s Brewing Co.