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Yachties Donut House

Wollongong’s favourite Harbourside cafe

Serving up fresh, hot cinnamon donuts, this cafe is the talk of the town! Located on Endeavour Road, this espresso bar is surrounded by beautiful harbour views. Its placement along Wollongong’s famous Blue Mile makes it the perfect spot to stop in on your morning walk.

Paid Advertising

After taking over the content and social media for Yachties, we implemented paid advertising campaigns aimed at boosting brand awareness and engagement. Given its location in a tourist hotspot, our brand awareness campaigns targeted audiences as far-reaching as Sydney and Newcastle, informing them about where to find fresh donuts in Wollongong.

As a result of these efforts, the business experienced a significant increase in foot traffic and sales. This comprehensive approach not only elevated Yachties’ visibility but also solidified its reputation as a must-visit destination for delicious, fresh donuts.

Graphic Design & Animation

Our creative collaboration with Yachties resulted engaging content through graphic design and animation, across all print and online material. The bold colours from their brand complemented their picturesque location, married with our custom videography and photography for a cohesive experience across their digital advertising, social media and printed collateral.

Videography & Photography

Our approach to videography and photography for Yachties was highly collaborative and focused on capturing the essence of their brand and location. Working closely with the client, we created detailed content briefs, outlining the key elements they wanted to showcase. Whether it was capturing the world-class location, the food, drinks, staff and patrons, our photography and videography services turned the client’s vision into the story of a dedicated team and an iconic venue in Wollongong.