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Comelli Commercial

Your local business broker and commercial real estate agents in Wollongong

Comelli Commercial’s mission is to provide a complete solution to clients buying and selling businesses and commercial property. They specialise in commercial real estate and pride themselves on their dedication to customer service and their integrity.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a business, or need help with commercial property transactions and management, the well-trained experienced team at Comelli Commercial is here to help.

Paid Advertising

For Comelli Commercial, we made sure that our paid advertising strategies were aligned with the client’s specific goals and values. Through carefully crafted monthly ad campaigns, we targeted relevant audiences to showcase the various commercial properties, both leased and for sale. Our team collaborated closely with Comelli Commercial to ensure these campaigns were effective, adjusting strategies as needed and always seeking new ways to engage potential clients.

Social Media Management

Our team managed Comelli Commercial’s social media presence with precision and creativity. By understanding the business’s emphasis on customer service and their family-owned nature, we crafted content that resonated with those values. Monthly check-ins ensured alignment with objectives, and our proactive approach included suggesting fresh ideas for content that would further embody the Comelli Commercial brand.

Graphic Design & Animation

Our collaboration with Comelli Commercial extended to crafting engaging graphics and animations, uniquely tailored to their brand. These visuals were used to highlight key aspects such as leased or for-sale properties, seamlessly fitting across various digital platforms. Additionally, we created dynamic animations specifically for social media reels, providing a lively and eye-catching way to present properties and company announcements. These animations helped to enhance the company’s visual identity, delivering information in an appealing manner and engaging potential clients in a memorable way.

Videography & Photography

For Comelli Commercial, capturing the personal and family-owned side of the business was crucial. Content shoots were carefully planned to include team members, reflecting the warm and personable nature of the brand. These visuals served to humanise the company, allowing potential clients to connect with the faces behind the business.