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Waterfront Tavern

Discover the magic of Shellharbour Marina and at the heart of it all - Waterfront Tavern

Overlooking sparkling waters and offering an array of dining options, Waterfront Tavern is the jewel in Shellharbour Marina’s stunning new development. Whether you’re sipping on a signature cocktail, dining on fresh Australian produce with a postmodern twist, or watching the latest sporting event, catching up with family and friends has never looked so good!

Waterfront Tavern has quickly become a destination venue in its own right. Surrounded by pristine beaches and picturesque hinterland on the NSW South Coast, it’s the perfect place for that special occasion, to unwind on your holiday, or catch up with local friends. It might be easy to get to, but it’s hard to leave!

Website Design & Development

We crafted The Waterfront Tavern’s website with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. Regular updates kept the content fresh and relevant, while user-friendly navigation ensured a smooth customer experience. Integrating features like online reservations, a what’s on page, and digital menus, the website serves as a digital extension of the Tavern, offering guests an immersive pre-visit experience.The Waterfront Tavern’s website was enriched with professionally crafted copy that reflected the brand’s voice and unique offerings. From detailed descriptions of menu items to engaging narratives about the venue, the copywriting played a crucial role in providing a comprehensive and enjoyable browsing experience for the visitors.

Paid Advertising

Utilising both Facebook and Instagram, our digital marketing team devise a dynamic paid advertising strategy for The Waterfront Tavern. Through regular analysis and refinement, these campaigns are tailored to the Tavern’s target demographic, driving engagement and boosting visibility. Collaborating closely with the client, we ensured that the messaging resonated with potential patrons, highlighting their unique offerings, seasonal specials, and exclusive events. Our collaboration with The Waterfront Tavern extended beyond traditional advertising, as we also crafted compelling copy for various ad campaigns. By identifying the unique selling points of the Tavern and communicating them through engaging copy, our paid advertising strategy on Facebook and Instagram achieves increased click-through rates and engagement.

Social Media Management

Our hands-on approach to social media management for The Waterfront Tavern means consistent engagement with their audience. Managing The Waterfront Tavern’s social media platforms involves more than posting; it requires creativity and strategy. This includes coming up with ideas for engaging reels and developing in-depth content briefs designed to showcase the vibrancy and excitement of the venue. Regular content shoots, real-time updates, and strategic posts create a lively and inviting online presence. Our team also visits the venue for weekly meetings and we maintain frequent email communication. This ensures alignment with the client’s vision, leading to a cohesive and engaging social media strategy that effectively promotes current events and encourages customer interaction.

Graphic Design & Animation

The visual aesthetics of The Waterfront Tavern were brought to life through our customised graphic design solutions. From event posters to digital banners, every visual element has been meticulously crafted to embody the brands aesthetic. The Waterfront Tavern hosts numerous events and functions throughout the year, all supported by tailor-made graphics designed by our team that reflect the the venues signature elegance, and creates a lasting impression on their audience.

Videography & Photography

Understanding the key elements The Waterfront Tavern wants to showcase is the first step. Our team then crafts an in-depth content brief, reflecting the essence of the venue, location, food, drinks, staff, and patrons. This initial collaboration with the client ensures that the final photography and videography truly captured what makes the Tavern unique. With an eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, our photography/videography services turn the content brief into reality. Through carefully planned shoots, we’ve captured the venue’s stunning location overlooking sparkling waters, the delectable food and drink offerings, the professional and friendly staff, and the diverse and lively patrons. The collaboration between the client’s vision and our expertise has culminated in a visually rich narrative that resonates with potential patrons, enticing them to explore and enjoy all that The Waterfront Tavern has to offer.