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ECHO Festival

A festival of the senses

The East Coast Harvest Odyssey, known as ECHO, is a boutique ‘Festival of the Senses, celebrating the lifestyle of Tasmania’s East Coast. Located in Swansea among wine country, ECHO weaves together immersive sensory experiences around the traditions of harvest, old and new. It guides guests on a journey of exploration that encompasses all the senses – taste, smell, sight, sound, and touch.

ECHO nurtures the sharing of Tasmanian Aboriginal stories, knowledge, and culture. It brings together foodies, winemakers, and producers along with artists, musicians, storytellers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.

Website Design & Development

Creating the ECHO Festival website was an endeavour that aimed to encapsulate the cultural essence of this unique event. We began by incorporating the festival’s distinctive branding throughout the site, ensuring a cohesive and memorable visual identity. Leveraging motion design, we introduced dynamic animations that bring the website to life, capturing the festival’s vibrant energy and creativity. A curated selection of photos and videos provides visitors with a glimpse into the festival, setting the stage for what’s to come. The festival program is presented in an intuitive and interactive format, allowing attendees to explore the lineup of performances, cultural workshops, activities and art installations in detail. Comprehensive event information, including schedules, ticketing details, volunteer information and venue maps, is easily accessible, ensuring a seamless planning experience for festival-goers. With its engaging multimedia content and user-friendly design, the ECHO Festival website serves as a captivating digital gateway, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a world of artistic exploration and community celebration.

Paid Advertising

ECHO Festival approached us with a unique challenge: to create a comprehensive strategy that would drive ticket sales and enhance the festival experience. We were not only tasked with designing the festival’s website but also with developing a complete marketing campaign that included pre-signups, ticket sales, and on-site promotions. Despite facing challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and international floods, we were able to exceed our KPI’s and achieve remarkable results.

We worked alongside ECHO Festival for 2 consecutive years, utilising targeted digital advertising, engaging social media campaigns, and strategic partnerships to generate buzz around the festival and drive ticket sales, leading to near sell-outs by the time of the festival.

Social Media Management

For ECHO Festival, our social media management strategy was crucial in generating excitement, engagement, and ultimately, ticket sales. We crafted a multi-faceted approach that utilised various platforms to connect with our audience and build a community around the festival.

We created a content calendar that included a mix of promotional posts, artist spotlights and organic content. This diverse strategy kept our audience engaged and eager to learn more about the festival.

Branding & Identity

Creating the branding and identity for the ECHO Festival was pivotal in capturing the essence of this unique multidisciplinary event. We began by delving into the festival’s core values, and themes, drawing inspiration from its mission to celebrate music, art, and the lifestyle of Tasmania’s East Coast. Through extensive research and brainstorming sessions, we developed a visual identity that resonated with the sharing of Tasmanian Aboriginal stories, knowledge and culture. The logo design, colour palette, and typography were carefully created to evoke a sense of inclusivity and excitement. By crafting a distinct and engaging identity for the ECHO Festival, we helped to elevate its presence and establish it as a must-attend event in the cultural calendar.

Graphic Design & Animation

We seamlessly integrated the festival’s branding to create visually striking and cohesive materials that captured the essence of the event. This was applied across a range of touch points, including promotional materials, merchandise, and digital platforms, ensuring a consistent and memorable experience for attendees. Drawing visual inspiration from the festival’s logo, brand assets, and typography, we crafted eye-catching posters, social media content, and digital assets that evoked a sense of creativity, energy, and excitement. The nature-inspired brand elements guide guests on a journey that encompasses all the senses. Dynamic imagery reflected the diverse lineup of performers, artists, and activities, while consistent branding elements ensured a unified and memorable visual identity across all communications. Every design element was thoughtfully curated to immerse attendees in the ECHO Festival experience and leave a lasting impression of its unique atmosphere and ethos.