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Your friendly neighbourhood small bar

SILY is a local small bar, hidden between three heritage listed storehouses in the CBD. The industrial space is brought to life by luscious plants, playful fairy lights, live music and murals by prominent street artists. Serving freshly shaken cocktails, local wines, craft beers and bar food which are sure to keep the whole crew merry.

This mix of heritage, industrial architecture, modern street style and friendly neighbourhood vibes has gained SILY a reputation as one of the most unique bars in the CBD.

Social Media Management

For SILY, a vibrant bar nestled in the heart of Sydney CBD, our social media management strategy was centred on engaging their audience through creative and strategic content. We collaborated closely with SILY to capture and convey the unique character of the bar, infusing their vision with our expertise to create captivating social media posts that showcase the bar’s lively atmosphere and distinctive offerings. Regular updates on weekly events, functions, and special promotions are essential components of our strategy, keeping the community informed and engaged. Our posts were designed to reflect SILY’s unique essence, ensuring that each piece of content resonates with both new and returning patrons.