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Georgia Rose

The ultimate waterfront destination - café by day, cocktail bar by night

Georgia Rose offers a relaxed and inviting atmosphere with hand-painted murals and stunning views of the marina. Georgia Rose is the ultimate place to kick back, relax and enjoy warm hospitality. Your passport to relaxed dining, Georgia Rose is located in the heart of Shellharbour Marina, less than two hours’ drive south of Sydney. The pristine beaches and stunning hinterland might be calling, or soak up the sea breeze with a coastal walk after breakfast.

Website Design & Development

Our team’s approach to website development for Georgia Rose prioritises both aesthetics and functionality. From the very first glance, visitors are welcomed by an elegant design that resonates with the physical venue’s atmosphere, showcasing the delicious food and drink offerings and the artful touches that adorn the space. Regularly updated with fresh and engaging content, the website serves as an online portal to explore all that Georgia Rose has to offer. A detailed and visually appealing menu section allows visitors to peruse culinary offerings. A dedicated events page highlights the diverse array of events hosted at Georgia Rose, complete with booking information, graphics, and engaging descriptions. Potential patrons can easily discover and engage with upcoming events, encouraging both new and returning visits.

Paid Advertising

Through targeted paid advertising, Georgia Rose’s events are promoted widely to encourage bookings and ticket sales. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are leveraged to reach potential customers, highlighting unique offerings such as paint & sips, Sunday sessions, and seasonal celebrations. By using engaging visuals and compelling copy, the advertising campaigns are designed to captivate the audience and drive participation. Our targeted paid advertising campaigns for Georgia Rose extend beyond promoting events. By leveraging rich demographic data, we strategically position ads to appeal to different audiences, whether they’re early morning coffee enthusiasts or night-time cocktail connoisseurs. Through careful ad placement and compelling visuals, we elevate awareness of the venue’s multifaceted offerings, boosting not only event participation but also regular patronage.

Social Media Management

Georgia Rose’s social media platforms are managed with a keen eye for detail and creativity, reflecting the lively energy of the venue. Regular posts, engaging reels, and updates on events and specials create a vibrant online presence. In addition to promoting upcoming events, daily specials, and showcasing menu highlights, we actively engage with the community through lively posts, inviting feedback. Our creative team also conceptualises and produces engaging reels, capturing the transformation of Georgia Rose from day to night, reflecting its vibrant character. The collaboration between the client’s vision and our expertise ensures that the content is consistently engaging, informative, and reflective of Georgia Rose’s unique personality.

Graphic Design & Animation

With a range of events and workshops hosted at Georgia Rose, our graphic design team plays a crucial role in creating individual graphics for each occasion. From social media announcements to digital event pages and in-venue posters, the visual elements are tailor-made to resonate with the theme and audience of each event. Individualised graphics are not mere visual adornments; they encapsulate the spirit of each event, from the casual energy of Sunday sessions to the playful charm of paint & sips. The visually appealing and distinctive graphics contribute to the overall success and allure of the venue’s diverse offerings.

Videography & Photography

Our approach to videography and photography at Georgia Rose is both collaborative and tailored. The process begins with an in-depth consultation with the client, identifying the key elements they wish to showcase. This includes things like the scenic marina, delectable dishes, and the vibrant atmosphere shared by staff and patrons alike. From there, we create an in-depth content brief that serves as a roadmap. With this carefully crafted content brief, our team moves on location, utilising professional equipment to capture the essence of Georgia Rose. Each shot is thoughtfully composed to reflect the venue’s unique qualities. These visuals become a part of Georgia Rose’s cohesive branding, used across various platforms to create an enticing content.