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Gordon Bradbery

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Gordon Bradbery is the Lord Mayor of Wollongong. He has held office since 2011 but has also achieved a number of significant feats including 15 years of service as a Minister of The Church on the Mall, located in the centre of Wollongong, a Chaplain to the New South Wales Police, Rural Fire Service, RSL Padre and Administrator of Wollongong Mission of the Uniting Church. Bradbery was also Chairperson of the Lifeline South Coast, a Board member of the former Unanderra Care Services, and an advocate for homeless peoples and for mental health services.

Website Design & Development

Understanding the importance of a strong digital presence in today’s political landscape, we designed and built a website for Gordon Bradbery’s 2022 election campaign that effectively communicated his vision, values, and dedication to serving the Wollongong community. The website was designed with a modern interface, providing visitors with easy access to Gordon’s platform, achievements, and upcoming events. Our website strategy successfully contributed to his campaign, him with the community and shared his vision for a prosperous and vibrant Wollongong.

Paid Advertising

Graphic Design & Animation

We moved away from a traditional approach to a political campaign, using modern graphics and animation to help create relevance and awareness for Gordon Bradbery. To increase engagement, we created a series of animated videos for the campaign, such as “How to vote” instructional content to use across social media and paid advertising. We also created all print collateral and signage for the campaign across Wollongong with a bold colour palette and typography. Our modern design successfully drew attention to his campaign and helped him stand out amongst his competitors, securing his win as Mayor of Wollongong.