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A curated month of arts, crafts, food, drinks, dance, music and entertainment

Humberfest provides 32 days of entertainment, with events at Humber, spanning into Crown Lane and Heyday.

Website Design & Development

Building the Humberfest website was a dynamic project that brought the festival’s vibrant branding to life through animation and motion design. We aimed to create an immersive digital experience that reflected the Humberfest energetic spirit and eclectic lineup. The website showcased the upcoming events with eye-catching visuals and interactive features, allowing visitors to explore the diverse array of performances, workshops, and events on offer. Comprehensive information about the festival, including schedules, venues, and ticketing details, was presented in an engaging and accessible format for all users. Through compelling animation and bold design elements, the Humberfest website encouraged visitors to dive deeper into the month-long festival, fostering excitement and anticipation for Wollongong’s celebration of music, art, food and culture.

Social Media Management

Our social media management for Humberfest was an integral part of the event’s success, involving the curation and sharing of captivating content to build excitement and engagement. We carefully showcased the unique events and experiences awaiting attendees, using a mix of visuals, videos, and compelling captions to create a buzz around Humberfest.

Our strategic approach ensured that each event received the attention it deserved on social media platforms. We crafted posts that highlighted the key features and attractions of each event, encouraging participation and boosting attendance. By strategically timing the posts and engaging with the audience, we maximised the reach and impact of our social media efforts.

Graphic Design & Animation

Our graphic design services for Humberfest were essential in bringing the month-long festival to life with dynamic flair. Through illustrations and motion design, we ensured that each event received its own distinctive identity. Every day of the festival was treated to a personalised brand kit, crafted to reflect the unique theme and spirit of the occasion. From custom icons and illustrations to lively animations and carefully curated colour palettes, our designs provided a cohesive visual experience that resonated with attendees and amplified the excitement of each event.