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Late night cocktail and dance bar in the heart of Wollongong

Located in the West end of Wollongong, Halfway is your new late-night tequila bar and dance venue. Indulge in our drinks menu featuring a finely curated selection of tequilas and elevated cocktails, complimented by our range of spirits, beers, wines and charcuterie menu.

As the sun sets, Halfway transforms into your late night dance destination, with a vibrant atmosphere and DJs spinning until the early hours.

Website Design & Development

We designed and built the website for Halfway Bar with the aim to mirror the venue’s distinctive branding and interior ambience. Drawing inspiration from its interior decoration, we crafted a website that exudes personality though its branding with custom illustrations and motion design. The website highlights upcoming and weekly events, offering visitors a glimpse into the lively happenings that keep the bar buzzing. The menu section showcases the bar’s curated offerings, from signature cocktails to gourmet bites, enticing patrons to explore and indulge. With its intuitive navigation and immersive visuals, the Halfway Bar website serves as a digital extension of the space, inviting guests to experience Wollongong’s late night bar and dance venue.

Paid Advertising

Our collaboration with Halfway commenced during the establishment phase of their business. As they launched a new bar, it was crucial to develop a comprehensive strategy to generate significant noise and gather data in the initial stages of the campaign. This enabled us to re-market back to those who had shown interest in the bar, informing them about the venue’s unique offerings and establishing a loyal audience and customer base. Subsequently, we leveraged these audiences to further expand the bar’s reach, targeting new individuals similar to our existing customer base. Since then, we have implemented regular campaigns to sustain the growth of the business.

Social Media Management

For Halfway, we have curated engaging content that reflects the venue’s unique atmosphere and offerings since the initial launch of the business. Our ultimate goal through our social media management is to engage broad audiences and drive brand awareness.

From organic cocktail reels to professional shoots, we showcase Halfway’s distinct personality and offerings, fostering a loyal online community. Our strategic approach focuses on maximising reach and engagement, ensuring that Halfway remains at the forefront of Wollongong’s nightlife scene.

Branding & Identity

Our branding journey for Halfway Bar aimed at capturing the essence of an elegant and sophisticated establishment nestled in the heart of Wollongong. Drawing inspiration from the rich hues and architecture of the boutique interior, we embarked on a design process that seamlessly blended modern aesthetics with timeless elegance. The logo, with its clean lines and understated elegance, served as the cornerstone of the brand identity, with the colour palette and custom illustrations evoking a sense of sophistication and allure. From crafted menus to branded signage, every aspect of the branding was created with a sense of understated luxury, projecting an ambiance that resonated with potential visitors seeking an elevated nightlife experience. Our design efforts for Halfway Bar have helped position the establishment as a premier destination.

Videography & Photography

Our collaboration with Halfway involves producing visual content that showcases the venue’s distinct identity. From dynamic cocktail shots to atmospheric venue photography, we bring Halfway’s unique personality to life through our lens. Our skilled team is dedicated to capturing every moment with precision and creativity, ensuring that Halfway’s story is told in a visually compelling way.