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Livefit Nutrition

Delivering happiness

The vision of Livefit Nutrition is to help people live their best lives by helping them achieve a ‘healthy body, healthy mind, healthy life’. More than just a meal prep company – Lifefit deliver happiness.

Livefit Nutrition are Australia’s youngest and fastest growing meal prep company because of their commitment to customer service, and the freshness of their 100% natural preservative and additive free, wholesome, healthy food.

Paid Advertising

Livefit Nutrition, a Wollongong-based food supplement store, already boasted strong sales from its exceptional product range. Our task was to double these sales, thereby increasing revenue. We achieved this by developing a marketing funnel tailored to customers’ ordering habits, such as their tendency to order on Sunday nights. By strategically timing our re-marketing efforts to coincide with this pattern, we were able to significantly boost sales and double the company’s revenue while collaborating with their team.