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Peking Duk

Peking Duk not only tastes good, but it sounds even better

Peking Duk is an electronic music group made up of DJs and music producers Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles. The duo are known for their wild live shows and good-time party jams—many of which have charted in their home country.

Website Design & Development

We built Peking Duk’s website as a hub of their digital presence. We crafted a dynamic platform that seamlessly integrates their latest music, showcasing their newest tracks and albums in real-time. The music video feed allows fans to immerse themselves in visual storytelling alongside the auditory experience. To keep fans engaged, we incorporated their Peking Duk Podcast feed alongside their merchandise e-commerce store. Tour dates took centre stage with an interactive widget, ensuring fans never miss an opportunity to see Peking Duk live. Lastly, their social media channels were interwoven throughout the site, fostering a vibrant community and amplifying their online presence. The result is a cohesive digital space that reflects Peking Duk’s brand and dynamic artistry, and deepens their connection with fans worldwide.

Paid Advertising

For Peking Duk, we developed a comprehensive digital strategy to assist them sell out their tour and amplify their presence in the competitive music industry.

Our collaboration with Peking Duk began with a focus on leveraging paid advertising to drive ticket sales. We crafted targeted campaigns across various digital platforms to reach their fan base and music enthusiasts. By employing advanced targeting techniques and creative ad formats, we were able to effectively promote their tour dates and drive ticket sales.

Beyond their tour, our partnership with Peking Duk has extended to promoting their participation in the Hottest 100s, announcing new music releases, and promoting their one-off shows. Each campaign was tailored to maximise engagement and drive results, showcasing our ability to adapt to different marketing objectives and deliver impactful outcomes for our clients.

Graphic Design & Animation

Our graphic designs for Peking Duk are all about capturing the excitement of their upcoming gigs and music. We have created eye-catching gig guides for their shows and custom motion graphics to promote their music. Our designs reflect the vibe of their music, making fans eager to dance and enjoy. We make sure their style shines through in every graphic, helping them stand out in the music scene and leave a lasting impression on everyone who sees them.