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Sneaky Burger

Home of the best, high quality and affordable burgers in the Illawarra region

Welcome to Sneaky Burger – where gourmet meets fast food, without the gourmet price tag. Born from a desire to elevate the quick-service dining experience, they embarked on a mission to blend restaurant-quality meals with the convenience and affordability of a drive-thru. Their journey began in a location with humble beginnings, previously home to a fast-food giant, setting the stage for a revolution in how quality burgers are served.

Sneaky Burger is on a path to redefine the burger experience, expanding our reach while staying true to their roots of quality, affordability, and innovation. Sneaky Burger is more than just food; it’s a movement. Join us on this delicious journey, where every burger tells the story of our dedication to excellence, one sneaky bite at a time.

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Graphic Design & Animation

One of our longest-running graphic design projects, we have created all the print and digital collateral for Sneaky Burger across their locations. We have created menus, burger wraps and in-store collateral, vouchers, animated videos, TV screen signage, merchandise and additional branded elements such as kids colouring-in books. Keeping consistent with the Sneaky Burger brand, we have utilised their brand colours to create custom illustrations, motion graphics and bold typography across their marketing.

Videography & Photography

Big Twisty and Sneaky Burger have teamed up to bring the ultimate burger rap song. It’s the collab of the year that will have you boppin’ around. The rap ‘Sneaky burger scriptures’ ft Big Twisty, was written solely by the Wollongong legend, Big Twisty.

From the initial conceptualisation to the final edit, Unknown Group’s expertise in videography, photography and editing captured the flavours of Sneaky Burger whilst amplifying the energy of Big Twisty’s performance.