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From casual looks to designer wedding attire, Tramps the Store can dress you for all occasions

Established in 1973, Tramps the Store offer men’s clothing for all occasions. The tailored cuts at Tramps are perfect for the everyday man who wants to look his best, no matter where he is going. From high quality basics to sleek footwear, Tramps has the perfect look for you.

Paid Advertising

Our paid advertising strategy for Tramps focuses on enhancing brand awareness and driving traffic to both their physical store and online platform. By leveraging engaging content from our social media efforts, our campaigns effectively attract and engage their target audience. These ads are particularly crucial during major sales events like Black Friday and Boxing Day, where we spotlight exclusive deals and promotions. We continuously optimise these campaigns to maximise engagement and conversions, boosting sales and enhancing Tramps’ market presence during key shopping periods. This approach also strengthens Tramps’ overall digital presence, attracting a broader audience and fostering lasting customer relationships.

Social Media Management

We have adopted a proactive and hands-on approach to social media management for Tramps. We manage their social media platforms with a sharp focus on current fashion trends and dynamic, engaging content. In collaboration with Tramps, we ensure that each post strategically highlights their extensive selection of high-end clothing brands, suits, and accessories, emphasising the versatility of their offerings for any occasion. Our social media team regularly visit the store to capture and create fresh, organic content. This approach allows us to showcase new arrivals and current promotions effectively, keeping Tramps at the forefront of consumers’ minds. By producing captivating reels and posts, we maintain Tramps’ relevance and visibility in the competitive social media landscape, ensuring that they remain a go-to destination for fashion-forward shoppers.

Graphic Design & Animation

Videography & Photography

Alongside seasonal content shoots, our collaboration with Tramps extends to the creation of numerous TV commercials, a process that underscores our commitment to elevating their brand presence. Crafting a TV commercial is an intricate and highly collaborative effort that spans from initial content ideation and storyboarding through to filming and post-production. Each phase is meticulously handled to ensure the final product not only enhance brand visibility but also effectively communicates the quality of Tramps’ offerings, enticing a broader audience. Our videography team plays a crucial role in this process, employing high-end equipment and creative techniques to capture the essence of Tramps in a visually compelling way. Having the opportunity to see these commercials come to life and successfully air has been a rewarding aspect of our partnership.