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Black Diamond Boxing

Train hard, fight easy

Black Diamond Boxing & Fitness has provided hard edged authentic training with confidence and humility since 2009 with experience in military training, commercial fitness, amateur and professional combat sports. With a deep sense of camaraderie and tribalism, their members take pride in their rich history, real deal reputation and unique coaching styles.

​Still the Illawarra’s premier boxing and primal fitness facility with personal training and classes available for technical coaching, functional fitness and specialised training for health or competition.

Website Design & Development

We have designed and developed Black Diamond Boxings website to be a destination for gym goers and boxing enthusiasts looking for a dynamic and inclusive gym. The website boasts a strong visual identity aligned with the gym’s brand, ensuring a seamless user experience that encourages visitors to easily navigate through key sections such as membership options, class offerings, and timetables. Furthermore, we have established a separate domain dedicated to Black Diamond Boxing Promotions, which serves as a central point for all information related to fight night events. This specialised site focuses on promoting upcoming bouts, detailing events, and facilitating ticket purchases, thus enhancing engagement and making it an indispensable resource for users. Our strategic approach to website design ensures every user interaction is both enjoyable and informative, driving greater participation and loyalty to the Black Diamond brand.

Paid Advertising

For Black Diamond Boxing, we have crafted effective paid advertising strategies utilising both Facebook and Instagram. By regularly analysing and refining these campaigns, we ensure they are finely tuned to engage Black Diamond’s target demographic, thereby enhancing visibility and driving engagement. Our approach encompasses a three-stage marketing campaign tailored for both the gym’s daily operations and special event promotions such as fight nights.

The first phase of our paid advertising campaigns for the gym focuses on building brand awareness, showcasing key content that highlights the members and facilities alongside highly polished reels. This initial exposure is critical as it introduces potential clients to who Black Diamond Boxing is and what they offer. As we transition to the conversions stage, we employ strategic re-marketing techniques targeting those who have shown interest. We engage them with compelling offers like a 7-day free trial through creative photo & video content designed to prompt action. This methodical approach has seen great success, evidenced by the influx of new members

For Black Diamond Boxing’s fight nights, our advertising campaign leverages Facebook and Instagram to craft a compelling narrative that builds anticipation and drives ticket sales. Starting with early-stage content that highlights the thrill and excitement of the event, we gradually intensify our messaging as the event approaches. This includes dynamic graphic visuals, fighter tiles, and engaging reels that increase interest and engagement. As the fight night nears, our focus shifts to conversions, with targeted ads emphasising urgency. This phase is crucial as it translates the built-up excitement and anticipation into actual sales, ensuring a high turnout for the event.

Social Media Management

Our social media management for Black Diamond Boxing focuses on a deep understanding of the gym’s business objectives and goals. Over the years, we have worked closely with their team, supporting their growth and helping them showcase their commitment to diversity through the content we share. We maintain a consistent posting schedule that effectively communicates the gym’s unique atmosphere, the diversity of its clients, and the variety of classes and memberships offered. A key highlight of our partnership is our collaboration on the gym’s numerous fight nights each year. These events involve extensive campaigns that encompass engaging content to enhance the event’s online visibility and drive ticket sales. Our social media team works seamlessly with our paid advertising and graphic design teams to ensure that each campaign drives consistent engagement and highlights both the day-to-day operations of the gym and the excitement of fight night events. This integrated approach helps maintain a vibrant and engaging online presence for Black Diamond Boxing.

Graphic Design & Animation

Graphic design plays a pivotal role in our marketing strategy for Black Diamond Boxing, where our team excels in creating a cohesive visual identity that spans across various media. With the gym’s well-established branding and identity, our designers extend this visual narrative to a multitude of promotional materials. Each fight night, sees our creative team developing an engaging suite of visual content including event flyers, fighter tiles, promotional reels, ticket designs merchandise and screen visuals. These elements are meticulously designed to ensure consistency in branding, enhancing the gym’s connection with its audience and reinforcing its digital presence.

Videography & Photography

Videography and photography are vital components for Black Diamond Boxing, emphasising the vibrancy and diversity of their offerings. Our goal is to capture the dynamic atmosphere of the gym and the electrifying energy of their fight night events. Focused on showcasing the gym’s inclusivity, our visual content highlights the variety of classes available for people of all ages and skill levels, painting an inviting picture for potential members. These images and videos not only reflect the unique culture and community spirit of the gym but also serve as motivational content that keeps current members engaged and attracts new ones.

During fight nights, our team captures high-stakes moments that are crucial not just for the attendees and fighters, but also for amplifying future promotions. These vivid, action-packed visuals play a key role in enhancing the event experience and are instrumental in building anticipation for subsequent events. By consistently producing high-quality, engaging content, we help solidify Black Diamond Boxing’s reputation as a premier fitness and event destination, boosting its visibility and appeal in a competitive market.