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Greendragon Sports Cream

Bring the heat!

Greendragon Sports Cream is a product that is used by athletes or everyday people to relieve muscle pain and tension. Greendragon Sports products are a game changer for anyone suffering from arthritis, muscle and joint pain or tightness.

Developed over 18 years by esteemed sports injuries therapist Ian Blewitt, Greendragon products are the solution to one problem – creating a sports cream that actually delivers heat! Australian made and owned, vegan-friendly, utilising natural plant-based ingredients.

Website Design & Development

We designed and built an e-commerce website for Greendragon Sports Products. Our design prioritised simplicity, intuitiveness, and accessibility, ensuring visitors could effortlessly browse Greendragon’s product range. With secure payment gateways and streamlined checkout processes, we aimed to provide a seamless and secure shopping experience for customers. By integrating engaging visuals, video content and customer testimonials, we effectively communicated the benefits of Greendragon’s offerings, empowering individuals to proactively manage their discomfort. Through our website solution, we have enabled Greendragon to reach a broader audience internationally, and reinforce their commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Paid Advertising

Our recent paid advertising efforts for Greendragon have been strategically segmented to effectively target two distinct categories: Consumers and Resellers. The first campaign was meticulously designed to elevate brand awareness among consumers, featuring informative content that educates potential buyers about Greendragon’s sports cream and its benefits. By driving traffic to the website, we employed advanced re-marketing techniques to convert visitors into purchasers.

Simultaneously, our second campaign focused on targeting potential resellers, with the primary objective of generating leads. This involved tailored messaging that highlights the advantages of partnering with Greendragon, such as product reliability & consumer satisfaction. By differentiating the messaging and goals of each campaign, we ensure that both achieve their respective objectives efficiently, thereby expanding Greendragon’s market reach and enhancing its brand presence in the sports cream industry.

Social Media Management

Social media management for Greendragon demands a high level of creativity and innovation. As a product-based business, it is crucial to continually ideate and implement creative ways to showcase their products. Our approach involves diversifying both the content and copy to ensure that it resonates with various audience segments. This strategy not only helps in highlighting the unique benefits and applications of the sports cream but also ensures that the messaging is informative and engaging. By crafting content that appeals to potential consumers, athletes, and health enthusiasts alike, we maintain a vibrant and interactive online presence that not only educates but also encourages engagement and enhances brand loyalty.

Graphic Design & Animation

As a pivotal component of Greendragon’s eCommerce operations, our graphic design team has played a crucial role in enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of their online presence. Our designers have developed a suite of graphic elements that not only support the brand’s digital footprint but also enrich the customer’s shopping experience. This includes high-quality 3D renders of the products, which are prominently displayed on the website to give customers a realistic view of what they are purchasing. Further contributing to the brand’s identity, our team has crafted everything from eye-catching social media tiles and animations to detailed label designs that ensure product packaging is both informative and appealing. Additionally, we have developed the logo, branding, and identity for Greendragon’s newest product line, Activ8heat.

Videography & Photography

Leveraging high-quality photography and videography is essential for Greendragon to effectively showcase their sports cream in a variety of dynamic settings. Our team has helped to create visually engaging content that captures the product in action across diverse sports such as boxing, race car driving, surfing, and arm wrestling. These visual portrayals not only highlight the versatility and effectiveness of the sports cream under various rigorous conditions but also significantly enhance the brand’s online presence. By demonstrating the product in real-world scenarios, we help potential customers visualise its benefits, increasing its appeal and driving consumer interest. This strategic use of visual media plays a pivotal role in differentiating Greendragon in the competitive sports cream market.