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TJS Dance Academy

Elite training from working professionals and leading choreographers in the industry

TJS Dance Academy is a family orientated dance school, where students are taught with care to ignite their passion and growth. TJS Dance Academy provides your child the skill set, techniques and experience in a positive and supportive environment.

Graphic Design & Animation

In our graphic and motion design work for TJS Dance Academy, we stood out in a crowded market of dance schools by employing cutting-edge techniques and a bold brand identity. Utilising 3D renders and dynamic animations, we brought a fresh and modern angle to the academy’s social media and performance screen designs. These eye-catching visuals not only captured the attention of prospective students but also showcased the academy’s commitment to innovation and creativity.

Our largest project with TJS included customised screen visuals for every performance in their end-of-year concert, in sync with the dance tracks, creating a multimedia experience for the audience. By establishing a strong and consistent brand presence across all channels, we ensured that TJS Dance Academy remained top-of-mind in the competitive dance education landscape, attracting students who were drawn to its dynamic and forward-thinking approach.

Videography & Photography